Swedish massage, Healing massage, Hot Lava Shell Massages, Relaxing Foot Massage, Ear candle with massage

Swedish massage

Full Body Massage


1Hour 30 Minutes

Swedish Back, Neck Scalp & Shoulder Massage


60 Minutes

Back Massage


30 Minutes

Swedish massage is a beautiful massage technique  with 3 levels of pressure you can choose:

relaxing, medium or deep tissue. As you are lying on a warm bed between heated towels, Warm nourishing oil is applied to the skin.

the relaxing massage uses soft gliding motions imitating the flow of the ocean  over the skin to gently heat the muscles and this activates an unwinding sensation on the body enabling you to feel at ease.

The deep tissue massage applies  various techniques that deeply penetrates into the extremely tight muscles manipulating them into releasing any tension they are carrying and  thus increasing flexibility and mobility this then reduces any pain. 


Healing massage

Healing Full Body


1Hour 30 Minutes

Healing Back Massage


30 Minutes

Healing massage is a unique massage treatment, it combines the techniques in the Swedish massage with the addition of an energy healing called reiki.  The Reiki generates a gentle healing heat from the hands that goes directly into the tense muscles breaking down any knots, draining out toxins and healing any pain/tightness in the area. The massage effortlessly works into the muscles loosening them thus improving mobility.


Hot Lava Shell Massages

Hot Lava Shell Full Body Massage


1Hour 30 Minutes

Hot Lava Shell Back Massage


30 Minutes

Hot lava Shell massage delivers a seamless massage of heat and touch. It combines the techniques of Swedish massage with the addition of the smooth warmth of the shells which contour the body. It promotes deep relaxation and the continual heat provides much needed relaxation to the muscles which relieves any tension.

The wonderful full body massage includes the Rose Quartz Crystal face massage roller which tones, firms, increases skin cell nutrition and improve blood flow to the skin. The rose quartz crystal adds an extra bit of healing and love.


Relaxing Foot Massage

Relaxing Foot Massage


30 Minutes

Deeply relaxing foot massage works on the pressure points of the feet. Your legs are settled into the comfort of 2 memory foam pillows while your feet are bathed lavender oil that moisturize the feet, soothes the nerves and relaxes the body. The massage relieves tension and tightness in the feet, soothing them into relaxation.


Ear candle with massage

Ear candling with Massage


40 Minutes

Ear candling is a safe procedure of removing a build up of wax within the ear. I use a funnel ear candle which contains 3 safety devices to stop the flame burning down. The candle removes the wax through the suctioning effect caused by the smoke. It also helps with sinuses.

During the burning of the candle I do a relaxing neck and shoulder massage to release the toxins from the body. Once both ears are completed I then massage the scalp and provide a sinus massage to fully release any blockages.


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