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Jacqueline Higgins


Reiki Master, Angelic healer,Crystal Energy Healer, masseuse, Workshop Facilitator, Ear candling therapist, Reflexology therapist, Intuitive Angel card reader and Meditation Instructor.  

Jacqueline is a self employed dedicated and natural healer, masseuse, leader and natural communicator with the angels. She helps people aspire to their dreams and guides people on their spiritual path through readings, meditations, healings and her workshops and seminars. She is an inspirational communicator which shines through in the Angelic Healing clinic or at any of her workshops and seminars. She has a warm personality that relaxes anyone who meets her.
Jacqueline's journey began when she was 16. Her grandmother sadly passed on and she noticed her grandmother through scent. This then increased in the coming weeks as she noticed shadows passing in her room at night and saw a man alongside her in her room, she later discovered in 2013 this was in fact her great grandfather. Her senses then increased with the passing of her father 2008 and her aunt in 2010. Jacqueline then began meditating towards the end of 2012, which enhanced her gifts beyond anything she could imagine. During her meditations she began a relationship with the angels and now Jacqueline can see and communicate with these wonderful celestial beings whom help her during her card readings and healings. She is clairvoyant and clairsentient through her connection with the angels. 

She wants to help people ignite that wonderful light within them and shine it even brighter, which will inspire others to do the same.

Jacqueline is a qualified Swedish masseuse  with ITEC, CIBTAC and QQI diplomas. She is a certified Reiki Master. Her Angelic healings and angel card readings she is naturally gifted and has enhanced these over the last couple of years with workshops and meditations.  

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