Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation Cork


Guided one to one Meditations



45mins- 1hour

Guided one to one Meditations

These meditations are specific to the client, each meditation is entirely catered to you. These are through appointments only.

Guided Student Meditations



35 Minutes

Guided Student Meditations

Stress, anxiety, pressure and the feeling of unease are all very common on the run up to exams or during the exams. Meditation is one way of relaxing down and releasing the pressure. This helps the mind in retaining as much information during your studying. You will learn techniques to maintain a sense of calm while your exams have started and as the weeks progress with these meditations you will have made up a meditation booklet created by you with all the meditations we did so you can turn to them whenever you need them. These are through appointments only.

Meditation takes you to the most ambient of places  to allow peace and calm to envelope the mind and body. 

This is a fully guided meditation to unlock that peace within you and gain a fully relaxed mind and body, 



Meditation Videos below are by The Angelic Healing Clinic

(You can find them on YouTube)