Energy Healing Treatments

Crystal Reiki


The body contains 7 chakras and these can become blocked due to not communicating your emotions properly, holding onto past emotions, fear or/and worry etc, which could lead to physical blockages in the area. These healings are hands on. 


crystals are placed under the bed which line up to the corresponding chakra these absorb all the releasing that has been going on from these energy points and enhances the healing that is placed in from the Reiki and Seichem. 

The final treatments are Reiki aura clearing that releases any debris in the aura and energy from other people, Reiki cutting ties cuts energy chords attached between you and those past situations/ people and finally Reiki chakra cleansing in some cases remaining particles of energy still trapped at the edges within the  chakras this treatment completely removes them.

All treatments are 1 hour.


Crystal Reiki and Seichem                                       €50


Reiki Aura Clearing                                                    €50


Reiki Cutting Ties                                                         €50


Reiki Chakra Cleansing                                             €50

Angelic Healing


This energy healing treatment is gentle  due to the connection of the healing angels and Archangel Raphael's healing energy which is used throughout the treatment.  this is a hands on treatment and gets to work on the physical, mental and emotional areas of the client. This treatment helps with stress, worries/fears and releasing anything you are holding onto from your past.

Again like reiki this healing removes the blockages bit by bit with each treatment. 

Angelic Healing Light (1hour)                      €50     

Crystal Healing

Crystals contain the natural healing elements and vibrations of the earth. These crystals connect with the bodies' chakra points and meridians to help ease away any blockages, increasing the body's energy and grounding the body to heal physically. This is a non hands on treatment as a clear crystal quartz wand is used to open each chakra thus releasing the blockages bit by bit.  this is emotions, thoughts, stress within the physical body and directing the healing into the chakras and meridians.

The aura is cleansed at the end of the treatment using a Tibetan bowl. The sound coming from the Tibetan bowl completely clears the aura and increases the auras' vibration.

Crystal Healing (45 mins)                       €45

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